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Kerroby Models

Lead free pewter


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All prices in Australian Dollars

H1 Brahman with assorted poses $15.75

H2 Hereford Steers All standing $15.75

H3 Hereford Assorted $15.75

H4 Murray Greys Assorted $15.75

H5 Friesians Assorted $15.75

H6 Horses "A" Assorted $9.40

H7 Horses "B" Assorted $9.40

H8 Horses "C" Assorted $9.40

H9 Drover"A" drover, 2 dogs,horse $9.40

H10 Drover "B" drover, 2 $9.40

H11 Drover "C" drover,2 dogs,horse $9.40

H12 Jillaroo girl,2 dogs,horse $9.40

H13 Sheep Marino assorted $9.40

H14 Pigs assorted $9.40

H15 Pidgeons Packet-flying $9.40

H16 Rabbits assorted $9.40

H17 Emu, Koala,Wombat 2 of each $9.40

H18 Kangaroos "A" 3 different poses $9.40

H19 Kangaroos "B" 3 different poses $9.40

H20 Pumps 4 petrol 1 oil $9.40

H21 Crewman "A" Driver sitting fireman with shovel RH $3.80pr

H22 Crewman "B" Driver standing fireman shovel RH $3.80pr

H23 Crewman "C" Driver sitting fireman shovel RH $3.80pr

H24 Crewman "D" Driver sitting fat fireman shovel RH $3.80pr

H25 Crewman "E" Driver stand hat fireman sitting cap $3.80pr

H26 Crewman "F" Driver sitting hands up fireman sitting $3.80pr

H27 Crewman "G" Driver sitting fat fireman sitting cap $3.80pr

H28 Crewman "H" Driver sitting fat fireman sitting hat $3.80pr

H29 Crewman "I" Driver standing hat fireman sitting cap $3.80pr

H30 Crewman "J" Driver sitting cap fireman sitting cap $3.80pr X

H31 Crewman "K" Driver sitting fat fireman sitting cap $3.80pr

H32 Crewman "J" Driver sitting cap fireman sitting cap $3.80pr

H33 Crewman "M" Driver sitting fireman standing resting $3.80pr

H34 Crewman "N" Driver sitting fireman standing leaning $3.80prr

H35 Crewman "O" Driver standing fireman standing leaning $3.80pr

H36 Crewman Guards standing jacket / resting $3.80pr

H37 Crewman "P" Driver standing fireman shovel LH $3.80pr

H38 Crewman "Q" Driver standing fireman shovel LH $3.80pr

H39 Crewman "R" Driver standing fireman shovel LH $3.80pr

H40 Crewman "S" Driver sitting hat fireman shovel LH $3.80pr

H41 Black Baldies Freisian / Heresford Cross $15.75

H42 Draught Horse assorted poses $9.40

H43 Dogs assorted poses $6.60

H44 Chooks (10) includes 1 Rooster $15.75

H45 Split Rail Fence $15.75 (200 scale feet approx.= 70cm)

H46 Gates for both types of fence $8.80 (4-A,B,C,D)

H47 Shorn Sheep assorted poses $15.75

H48 Rundown Fence 15.75 (200 scale feet approx=70cm)

H49 Tree Stumps $5.50 (12 all different)

H50 Wire Fence $15.75 (200 scale feet approx.=70cm)

H51 David Brown $15.75 multi piece tractor kit

H52 Ferguson $15.75 multi piece tractor kit

H53 Felines $6.60 assorted cats

H54 Goats $9.40 assorted

H55 "Joanna" Goanna $3.80 (2)

H56 Jersey $15.75 assorted poses

H57 Crocodiles $9.40 2 sizes

H58 Camels $16.00 assorted poses

H59 2 Hole Posts $9.40

H60 3 Hole Posts $9.40

HBGA01 Graves, surround and headstones $9.40

HBGA02 Crosses assorted styles $9.40

HBGA03 Headstones assorted $9.40

HBGA04 Picket fence $15.75

HBGA05 Cemetery Gateway Entrance $9.40

HD0001 Loco seat with back (2) $3.00

HD0002 Loco seat round no back (2) $2.00

HD0003 Air Hoses (10) straight $1.30

HD0004 Loco Tools 3 Fire irons 1 Shovel $7.85

HD0005 Loco Jack $9.40pr

HD0006 Tools 6 assorted garden type $9.40

HD0007 Loco Shovels narrow mouth (2) $5.50

HD0008 Shovels wide mouth (2) $5.50

HD0009 Buckets galvanised type (3) $5.50

HD0010 Water taps (7) garden type $5.50

HD0011 water taps (7) each on piece 3"x2" $5.50

HD0012 Generators (4) under carriage $5.50

HD0013 Dynamos (6) Hexagonal carriage $5.50

HD0014 Diaphrams (4) carriage ends / top spring $6.60

HD0015 Roof vents (20) domed type $5.50

HD0016 Ladders (4) 5.50

HD0017 Drawhook (loco front) $5.50

HD0018 Quadrant loco fitting $5.50

HD0019 Bogie-no wheels pullman style $9.40

HD0020 Tender headlight for reverse running $5.50

HD0021 Breather pipes tender (domed) $5.50

HD0022 Clack valves $5.50 pr

HD0023 Valve ramsbottom safety $5.50

HD0024 Brake Wheel 3 spoke type $2.00 pr

HD0025 Queen Posts (16) $9.40

HD0026 Air tanks small (4) $5.50

HD0027 Chimneys Victorian Era house $5.50

HD0028 Shunters step pair loco front $5.50

HD0029 NSWGR Water Column complete $15.75

HD0030 NSW Water Column Filler Hose (4) $5.50

HD0031 Torpedo Vents (30) roof vents carriage $9.40

HD0032 Mushroom Vents roof vents carriage (24) $9.40

HD0033 Brake Wheels (24) star type $9.40

HD0034 Coach Buffers large head (24) $6.55

HD0035 Wagon Buffers old pattern (24) $5.60

HD0036 Wagon Buffers new pattern (24) $5.60

HD0037 Brake Hoses wagon and coach (24) $4.30

HD0038 Brake Cylinders "S" truck etc (6) $9.40

HD0039 Fletner Vents Roof, diesel etc (24) $4.30

HD0040 Buffer Stop-A std wood type $8.65

HD0041 12 Washout Plugs steam loco $3.30

HD0042 Loco gauges 2 pieces $5.25

HD0043 Marker Lights 4 sided (4) $2.65

HD0044 Buffer Plates passenger carriage (12) $4.65

HD0045 Pitchforks garden $5.50

HD0046 Cement type sacks (20) $9.40

HD0047 Crates wooden style (10) $9.40

HD0048 Cable drums wooden style (4) $9.40

HD0049 Fire extinguishers 2 pieces $5.50

HD0050 Oxy-Acetelene pair of cylinders $5.50

HD0051 Truck Bull Bar "A" (2) $5.50

HD0052 Truck Bull Bar "B" (2 finer than "A") $5.50

HD0053 Battery Box 4 singles $3.30

HD0054 Battery Box 4 doubles $5.50

HD0055 Circuit Board 4 large $4.95

HD0056 Circuit Board 4 small $4.40

HD0057 Brake Cylinder (6) small $6.55

HD0058 Electric Torpedo 30 large roof vents $4.45

HD0059 BCW Floor brake cyl and air tank $10.95

HD0060 Alternator (2) under carriage $2.75

HD0061 Horse Collar (2) $5.50

HD0062 Baggage trolley (2) 2 wheelsed $5.50

HD0063 6 Rusty 44 Gallon drums $6.60

HD0064 Gladstone bags trucker kit $2.75

HD0065 Loco Oil Cans long neck $5.50

HD0066 House Chimneys with fireplace $5.50

HD0067 Chimneys roof top small $5.50

HD0068 Loco brake shoes (12) $4.45

HD0069 Wagon brake shoes (12) $5.50

HD0070 Single Pump air compressor $3.95

HD0074 Old 44 Gallon Drums $5.50

HD0076 Garage Jacks $5.50

HD0077 Caboose Steps $5.50

HD0078 Campfire $9.40

HD0079 Toilets $9.40

HD0080 Brass Ladder 90mm $9.40

HD0081 Luggage $9.40

HD0082 Scenery Junk $9.40

HD0083 End Of Train Device $9.40

HDC001 Bottle Buffers for carriages and waggons $5.60

HDS001 Signal Finial (6) Mackenzie and Holland $5.50

HDS002 Dwarf Signal (2) singles $5.50

HDS003 Dwarf Signals (2) doubles $5.50

HDS004 Home or Starting lower quadrant $13.20

HDS005 Home & Distant lower quadrant $14.50

HDS006 Side Bracket single blade LQ $12.05

HDS007 Side Bracket junction bracket LQ $13.20

HDS008 Signal Blades (3) H"ome distant shunt $4.40

HDS009 Landmark with lamp (2) $6.10

HDS010 Catchpoint lamp 4 derail lamps $6.10

HDS011 Relph disks ground level (2) $6.10

HDS012 Point Lever throwover type (4) $6.85

HDS013 Point Lever single (2) $6.10

HDS014 Point Lever double (2) $6.75

HDS015 Point Lever triple (2) $7.30

HDS016 Signal lamps oil type (6) $6.10

HDS017 Mileposts trackside (5) $9.40

HDS018 Signal Hoods 2 aspect (2) $5.50

HDS019 Signal Hoods 3 aspect (2) $5.50

HDS020 Fettler Trolley pump and trailer $15.75

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