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Kerroby Models

Lead free pewter


Quality products from the following in 1/48 unless noted;
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All prices in Australian Dollars

OD01 Cow Catcher $5.50

OD2 Old style Round Headlight $5.50

OD3 Old style Marker Lights pairs $5.50

OD4 Loco re-rail Jacks $5.50

OD5 Torpedo style Roof Vents $3.30 (10)

OD6 Large /4 wheel Brake Cylinders $5.50 /pr

OD7 Loco or Wagon air hoses $5.50/4

OD08 Brake Wheels $5.50/pr

OD9 Staunchion Handrails 2 sprues of 4 $2.20

OD10 Circuit Board $1.65/pr

OD11 Small Air Tanks $5.50/pr

OD12 Large Air Tanks $5.50/pr

OD13 Loco Bell $5.50

OD14 Loco Shovels $5.50/2

OD15 Mattocks $5.50/2

OD16 Tool Boxes $8.80/4

OD17 Sledge Hammers $5.50/2

OD18 Assorted Tool Set $5.50

OD19 Smithy's set of Tub, Anvil, Hammer etc $5.50

OD20 Compressor Single Action $5.50

OD21 Steam generator $2.60

OD22 Steam Turbine $5.50

OD23 Medium Air Tanks $5.50/pr

OD24 Stirrup type Steps $5.50/4

OD25 Water Taps $3.00/5

OD26 Baggage, 2 suitcase 1 o/night case $5.50/3

OD27 Saddle $5.50

OD28 Turnbuckles $5.50/4

OD29 Queenposts $5.50/8

OD30 Tall Steam Whistle $5.50

OD31 Ladders $5.50/2

OD32 Milk Cans $7.99/6

OD33 Old Style Square Headlight $5.50

OD34 Brake Set, Brake Cyl, Air Res. Trip Valve $6.60

OD35 Brake Lever Set, Brake Cyl Lever, Floating lever $5.50

OD36 Star Handbrake $5.50/4

OD37 NSW Circuit Board (under carriage elect. board) $2.20

OD38 Loco Throttle Lever $1.99

OD39 Regulator Lever $1.99

OD40 Loco Reverser Lever $2.00

OD41 Heavy Duty Workshop Vice $5.50/2

OD42 Bolt Cutter $5.50/2

OD43 Large Signal Type Lamp $5.50/2

OD44 Under Carriage Generator $2.50

OD45 End Platform / Carriage Steps $8.80/4

OD46 Caboose Smoke Jack $5.50

OD47 Caboose Markers $5.50/4

OD48 Mushroom Roof Vents $1.55/10

OD49 Brake Cylinder "On" (Narrow Guage size) $5.50/2

OD50 Straight Buffers $5.50/4

OD51 Spanner Cases $5.50/2

OD52 Cantilever Type Tool Boxes $5.50/2

OD53 Ocy-Acetelene Gas Bottles $5.50/2

OD54 Working Point Lever $5.50

OD55 "D" Shackles $5.50/6

OD56 Working Door Hinges $5.50

OD57 Crowbars $5.50

OD58 Bash Broom $5.50

OD59 Straw Broom $5.50

OD60 Canvas Water Bags $5.50

OD61 Quart Oil Tin $5.50

OD62 Car Battery $5.50

OD63 Spanners Large $5.50

OD64 Spanners Small $5.50

OD65 Castv Iron Hand Drill $5.50

OD66 Australian Axes $5.50

OD68 Horse Collar $5.50

OD69 Work Bench Top $5.50

OD70 Old Time Telephone $6.00

OP1 Lady Seated Dog on lap1/43 $5.50

OP2 Lady Seated hands on lap 1/43 $5.50

OP3 Gent Seated reading book 1/43 $5.50

OP4 Gent Seated with briefcase 1/43 $5.50

OP5 Workman Seated wearing cap 1/43 $5.50

OP6 Workman Seated wearing hat $5.50

OP7 Man Seated poseable Loco driver $5.50

OP8 Man Shovelling Fireman $5.50

OP9 Man Climbing Crewman / Shunter $5.50

OP10 Bearded Man walking $5.50

OP11 Man with hat walking $5.50

OP12 Lady Seated Fur Collar hands in lap $5.50

OP13 Lady Seated legs crossed 1/43 $5.50

OP14 Man Seated hands on seat 1/43 $5.50

OP15 Man Seated Loco driver /bowler hat $5.50

OP16 Driver Standing hands in front $5.50

OP17 Fireman leaning with shovel $5.50

OP18 Guard Standing $5.50

OP19 Fettler Foreman hat/hand under chin $5.50

OP20 Fettler Standing shorts/shovel $5.75

OP21 Fettler Standing Pick/Hands on hips $5.75

OP22 Fettler Standing Pick left hand hand in air $5.75

OP23 Fettler Standing Hold Pinch bar left hand $5.75

OP24 Fettler Standing Hold shovelright hand $5.75

OP25 Fettler Walking carry pinch bar RH $5.75

OP26 Fettler Leaning pick rest LH $5.75

OP27 Fettler Overalls shovel lean /old hat $5.50

OP28 Driver Standing $5.50

OP29 Fettler Standing $5.50

OP30 Driver Leaning $5.50

OP31 Fireman With Shovel $5.50

OP32 Man Standing $5.50

Most of the animals listed below come pre painted!

O01 Draught Horse 1/43 $8.25

O06 Longhorn Bull with seperate horns $8.25

O09 Friesian Standing $7.15 1/43

O12 Friesian Calf walking $3.30 1/43

O16 Hereford Cow $7.15 1/45

O20 Rabbits $6.05

O23 Scrub Cow $7.15

O34 Brown Chooks $6.05 1/45

038 Kangaroo Standing $4.40 1/45

039 Kangaroo Feeding $4.40 1/45

O40 White Ducks $6.05 1/45

O42 Border Collie Sitting $4.40 1/45

O47 Crocodile $3.30

O54 Koalas $6.05 1/45

O58 Red Setter $4.40

O62 Motorbike $15.00


All shipping is sent by Air Mail and costs are based on total shipping weight in Australian Dollars.

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