( Note: All prices are in Australian Dollars)

Track underlay for HO/OO, Hom and N Guage Flex Track
Manufactured in Australia to Australian design
from BEST QUALITY industrial grade weatherproof material
It will not fall apart with time and is resistant to deterioration by ultra violet rays,
highly resistant to acids, oils, solvents etc.
It can be used either inside or outdoors.
Easy to use and has good sound deadening qualities if used as directed.

There are four profiles available;





H505A M455A N304A Single and Multiple Tracks
H505B M455B N304B Double Yard Track with flat ballast between tracks
H505C M455C N304C Yards & Stations where bevel is not required
H505D M455D N304D Plain to fill in between types B & C as required

Price per five metre roll $14.00 (Aus $)

The four profiles can be combined to give a wide range of mainline and yard layouts.
each profile comes in a five metre lenfth and can easily be cut or trimmed using a sharp knife or scissors.

Instructions for use;

To use simply affix track to underlay using PVA (White Glue).
If ballast is to be used then paint PVA over entire surface, put track on underlay then pour ballast over entire area,
patting down by hand, lift, shake off excess ballast and set aside to dry.
Now your track and underlay are one (along with ballast - if you used it).
Track/Trackrite assembly can be laid Straight OR Curved to suit your layout design.
The natural resiliency of Trackrite will help create very smooth curves and transitions.
To affix Track/Trackrite assembly to your layout use contact adhesive. Nails are not required at all!
If at a later date you wish to take up your track,
you can slice the underlay from the base board using a long thin blade
or by using a solvent to soften the contact adhesive.
The Trackrite will release from the layout base board. it can then be re used!

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